lg 2 door refrigerator,AO Smith 326 5.0-Inch Frame Diameter 1/7 HP 1050 RPM 115-Volt 5.2-Amp Sleeve Bearing Blower Motor,womens pom pom hat

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Century Electric/AO Smith Motors Co

1050 RPM

AO Smith

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Century Electric/AO Smith Motors Co

Bought this to install/run FreeBSD. Product arrived quickly and as described.

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775 hundredths-inches


Century Electric/AO Smith Motors Co



785 hundredths-pounds


This is about the forth Apple computer I have owned and the display is WOW. Apple products have never failed me. I guess I am a fan boy even though I am close to 80 years old.
My kiddos are both a little older (5 and 7) and unfortunately deal with bed wetting. This is the only overnight product that can hold the amount of urine they put out in the night.

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UpBright® New USB Data Sync Cable Cord Lead For Dymo 93176 93089…

Oh boy, where do I start. This laptop is by far the best purchase I’ve made on Amazon thus far. For about $1000, it’s probably the best your money can buy. I ordered this mainly for gaming, but you can use it for just about anything; graphic design, photo and video editing, live streaming, the list goes on. It took less than a week for my GE72 to get to my city, and before hand they even called me to confirm my order. Although the picture doesn’t show it, yes the keyboard can be programmed to light up in brilliant RGB colors and even light up to the sounds of your game. It takes all of about 2 seconds to turn on and warm up, and when it does, it’s as silent as a feather. It’s sleek, it’s considerably light weight, it’s packs a hell of a punch when it comes to gaming (even on high settings) and even had a coolant system that can be controlled manually. I’m not trying to sell you on this product, but being someone who has gone through a few computers, I can tell you for sure that this is the best I’ve had so far. The ONLY downside is it’s a little hard to carry around because of its size; I went with the 17". The graphic display is stunning and it feels like you’re in the ads they play for it…it’s just amazing and I LOVE it.

Open ventilated Sleeve Bearing

1/7 HP

Nice. Works as advertised. High quality product.
This is a great computer. I don’t play games, but I do a lot of hi-res photo editing, and this computer really flys, the drive hierarchy is the only drawback, as it defaults to saving files to the SSD, which is great for programs, but less than ideal for files. Photoshop opens in about 4 seconds, which my other PC which has nearly identical specs (no SSD) takes about 30 seconds to open. I was considering a Microsoft surface, but this laptop was nearly $800 cheaper than the best surface 3 and has much better hardware. Computer Upgrade Kings correspondence was above and beyond, I never want to buy a computer from anyone else.

Home Improvement


Century Electric/AO Smith Motors Co

Lenovo Legion Y720 Intel i7-7700HQ 2.8GHz 16GB 1TB HDD 256GB SSD GTX…
690 hundredths-inches

5.0-Inch Frame Diameter


575 hundredths-inches


890 hundredths-inches
575 hundredths-inches

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740 hundredths-inches

Package Dimensions – Width

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