Tree Naturals ZEN Men’s Hair & Beard Deep Conditioner – Paraben Free – Soothing Formula Restores – No More Itchy Face- Great for Bald Heads – Protects Skin – Cruelty Free – Made in USA – 8oz,womens over the knee boots,top 5 fridge brands



Tree Naturals Inc.

Tree Naturals Inc.
I made the right choice when I went with Cybertron. Aside from a shipping mess-up (which was entirely Fed-Ex), I have had no headaches in my purchase of this computer. Actually, I would have had a big one if it were not for the fantastic Customer Service rep I had helping me. I was using my brand new PC, you see, when it just stopped working. Tech support and I tried everything. I took it apart (per his directions) and nothing helped. So, after having the computer “lost in shipping” once and now broken, I was very discouraged. However, after my replacement arrived, I have had no issues whatsoever.

This computer is beyond amazing. I have been able to do so much with it. I love how it syncs to my phone and watch. And my documents are easily accessible.


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Tree Naturals Inc.
Way too many software issues/errors/problems/conflicts. Cardinal (seller) technical responses were prompt, but not always complete. Cardinal would send me a link for software updates, but once I got into the site, there were additional / multiple choices which they did not include in the fix instructions.
It took four full days of updates and sorting out issues before this laptop settled down. When I say full days, I mean FULL DAYS!
It’s hard to find pants to fit my son, and these worked perfectly. Because of the expansion in the waist, I didn’t have to go up a size which always makes pants way too long. They are comfortable for my son to sit in through school. They are durable – after multiple washings not much fading if at all and were put to the test daily by a young boy, but no rips or tears or areas where the fabric wore thin. True to size. I highly recommend these pants.


– The aforementioned fan: looks very cool but is whooshy.
– The bundled keyboard and mouse: very basic

this is a great computer.
absulutely meets all your demands for office.
stale system, and makes you happy with your data. runs very fast.
good technology

Hydrates and Conditions Beards and Hair

I am over a week in and so far, so good. They do not ship out refurbs without them looking like brand new so if your’s isn’t, demand a refund. I am guessing they are all just about new. This is the older model so it gets hot. If using at home, put it on a pad when docked via usb-c. If using as a tablet, it seems cooler. If using it in the sun on a warm day as a laptop, put it in a star wars camel…or maybe the opposite.

Overall, even though this is not the latest, I am not missing anything the latest has. This is a fast MOFO and even if it runs hot, it runs right.

Thought I was spending a lot for a refurb but I got a bargain…this thing is awesome. If you draw on it with the pen (which mine had, sealed), double plus good.

disclaimer: I did not get this for a discount. If it fails anytime after 90 days, this review will be updated 🙂

Still working great and I am typing this on it. I have not used it full time but every time I have needed it, it has worked perfect. Have linux dual booting on it now and it is even better. This is the best linux laptop I have used to date and works better than windows.
Also loving the keyboard – not having a full size with the numeric keyboard to the right has increased productivity because I am not hitting it. Not a terrible typer but that bothered me with other laptop offerings. I normally type on a corsair mech and there is no transition to this keyboard.

The battery is holding up well – I have been on it about 4 hours now from a full charge and 46%. This is an awesome piece of engineering and I carry it with two hands which is a first.

I tried some drawing with the stylus and that is equally awesome. I had bought one of those drawing gloves but didn’t need it – it didn’t register my palm hitting the screen so I never tried the glove. If you can still find one of these, get it – it is a gem.



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Excellent quality – very soft and comfortable for a boy who hates wearing PJ’s. He loves that they glow in the dark!


Tree Naturals

8 Ounces


Overall, the good outweighs the bad and I can’t not recommend this for what it is: an entry-level gaming workstation with a great potential to be expanded as needs change.

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Arrived approx. 3 weeks ago. Works exactly as expected. I’m not a die-hard gamer, I just wanted something that run games smoothly, got me started producing music via cubase and fruity loops, and wouldn’t cost me an absurd amount. I have no issues running games such as fortnite or rocket league. I however don’t run background tasks or run super high settings, so I’m not sure how the 8gb of ram is gonna treat me when I start putting a heavy workload on the PC. If you are looking to get your foot in the door with PC gaming, but don’t want to go the custom build route, and want to keep it on the less expensive side, I couldn’t recommend more

Tree Naturals Inc.

Gentle formula to protect skin


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+ The price point. Great for me, just a few dollars over the parts I had decided on (I briefly considered building a PC before I purchased this one). Plus it was on sale at the time!
+ Customer Service. US based hot line, very knowledgeable and friendly
+ The case. Roomy, but not a big desk footprint. The window-mounted fan is a little bothersome when cleaning or moving components but it has more mounts and docks than I will ever use. Something to work up to I guess!
+ The OS. I upgraded this to Windows 10 via the assured upgrade period Microsoft provided. Love it!

Just apply to damp hair and beard and rinse. Most guys find it easiest to apply in the shower, complete shower rituals and then rinse for conditioned hair and beards, with that alluring scent!

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