Specialty Products Company 86330 Front Camber Bushing for K2500 – Pair,10×12 frame

I”m writing this review using this device. I’m very impressed with the build quality considering I bought a refurb. I wish this chromebook had a tent mode or folds all the way…yeah I should’ve shelled out more for this feature but I got my device at a very low price. Best thing I’ve ever purchased from amazon.

There are some lag time specially when shifting between two tabs that have videos on cue. Very happy that all the android app support, the apps I like to use work well. I believe the experience is even better using android apps on a chromebook. Touch screen was more accurate than any android tablet I’ve used.

Performance is not good. You have to wait while switching even only a few applications lanched.
This Dell Laptop has worked just fine so far. It sure beats the other alternative of buying one Brand new. I generally like to bring a laptop on a Vacation or out of town visit. This works just fine for that purpose. If one of my Desktops broke down, I would have no problem hooking up my printer and sound to this. Nice to know its around and every once in a while I operate it just to make sure everything is okay, and update certain things. I am very Satisfied. Just upgraded it to Windows 10. No problems works fine.

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Product Description: Replace the upper OE bushing with these offset control arm bushings to get ±1.0° of additional camber change. OE style rubber maintains the original ride characteristics.
Product Features:
Brand: Specialty Products Company
Manufacturer: Specialty Products
Category: Automotive Parts and Accessories
Classification: Automotive
Product Type: auto part
Item Model Number: SPE86330
Catalog Number: FCMW86330
Part Number: 86330
UPC: 082642863304
SKU: SPT86330
EAN: 0082642863304
Quantity of Items in a Package: 1
Warranty: Limited Lifetime
Product Dimensions:
Length 5.8 in 14.73 cm
Width 5.5 in 13.97 cm
Height 2.6 in 6.60 cm
Package Dimensions:
Length 5.8 in 14.73 cm
Width 5.5 in 13.97 cm
Height 2.6 in 6.60 cm
Package Weight:
2.55 lb 1.16 kg

I bought this without ever trying which was a gamble, but being familiar with Toshiba I trusted it on its name. I was definitely NOT disappointed! With four gigs of ram (upgradable to eight) and 64bit processing, it outperforms my desktop. While the keys are shiny, they are not cheap, and the screen has a great picture. The Pentium T3400 processor would not be my first choice, nor would the on-board graphics, but it all just works great together! Unlike the Satellite L305D I use at work, the streaming video and speed is much better (as well as the speakers). At around $600, I would recommend this to anyone who wants an excellent laptop made to last you into the future, without breaking your bank!
The shirt is your typical "dry fast" water shirt but the trunks seem to be of better quality than most. We really like the outfit.

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