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Zippo Premium Butane Fuel 1.48 oz – 3 Pack

– The laptop arrived in the estimated time, no scratches, no dings and packed professionally.
– About the laptop I can say that impressions are more than enjoyable. Feels air everywhere spartan and austere, even thought it is a laptop specifically for gaming. I have to use it in the professional area, most of the time (audio-video editing, VM’s, etc).
Meanwhile I upgrade to 32GB memory and a 500GB SSD Samsung EVO (for OS and programs). Hard disk drive that came with the laptop is now installed as storage space.
– The keyboard is a nice touch, a thoughtful stroke keys and key spacing to facilitate working at high speed without accidentally pressing more keys.
– Internet connection is made through wireless AC and moves extremely well, smooth and without problems until now.
– His fans in system use “domestic” are heard only, and when used intensively hear a noise level more than decent.

Just finish building this new Mini PC out with M2 256 GB NVMe flash drive, and 32 GB of DDR4 memory installed. Yes, you can install 2 16 GB memory cards in this unit. Install a spare 250 GB SSD drive as well, but be warn that you will need to remove the rear USB port module to install the ribbon connector to the circuit board. Not too bad, but leave it to someone who has install ribbon connectors before. The performance is incredible with true 4096 x 2160 display resolution over HDMI or DisplayPort. Attached some photos with the memory and M2 flash installed.

Item Dimensions – Height

540 hundredths-inches

Package Dimensions – Weight

List Price

530 hundredths-inches

Part Number

Dell Latitude E7440 IntelCore i5 4300U 1.9GHz, 4GB RAM, 128GB HD

By the use of the desired goal, in the tests I have performed (most of the latest games) moved laptop flawlessly with all settings at max (ultra or Highest, both the video and audio). I have not encountered any problems running any game (NFS Rivals, Crysis, Serious Sam 3: BFE, Far Cry 3).


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Package Dimensions – Width

530 hundredths-inches


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Ace Trading – Sienna 2
Ace Trading – Sienna 2



40 hundredths-pounds

Ace Trading – Sienna 2

My son is on the skinny side so this is a little baggy, but that Isn’t the shirt’s fault. This is really high quality, has every detail of shirts four times the price. It is shipped with the plastic strip inside the collar, the plastic pins holding the sleeve to the shoulder, very fancy. It washed beautifully, not wrinkly at all, and it is a clean white color without being too bright, if you know what I mean. I recommend this highly.


Package Dimensions – Height


Super cute and keeps toddler warm during swim lessons.


Package Quantity

Ace Trading – Sienna 2

Zippo Custom Lighter Design Sexy Lady Wearing Pin up Red Heels…

5 watt

Works good

240 hundredths-inches
It was not delivered in fully original box so I am giving 4. But the shipping was very fast and the laptop is working great. Although am not sure about the batery life. It says 15 hours but am getting between 8-6 hours.


250 hundredths-inches

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Firstly thanks for the fact that I was helped by XOTICPC to buy configuration I wanted and its listing on Amazon, which saved me buying laptop.


Color: Green

Cons: The screen has less ghosting, but it’s understandable since I opted for a standard, and not a 95% NTSC.
40 hundredths-pounds
520 hundredths-inches

Item Dimensions – Width


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Item Dimensions – Length


Quapty bulbs for use with all standard C7 sets


Bulbs to be sold individually

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