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After having done extensive research, I found that this particular Cybertron PC gaming line had THE BEST DEAL I had seen anywhere. I am extremely busy at work leaving me with very little free time therefore I just wanted to purchase a pre-built but still a somewhat customized PC this time around. This deal seemed ideal.

The things that are more challenging are:

528 hundredths-inches


Switch Maintenance-Free(No batteries required-powered by your touch)

Package Dimensions – Width

Item Dimensions – Weight


Item Dimensions – Height

Package Dimensions – Length

Fast, simple installation: No wires, no batteries, no hassle

FTP – While I can SSH/SFTP and FTP with Codeanywhere it’s not as easy or intuitive as FileZilla or Transmit.
Photoshop – There really is no alternative that can be used for real, professional development of websites on a Chromebook.
PDF editing – You can mark up and view .pdf with no issues, but if I need to edit or create on, I have to fire up the Mac.

just what I wanted works great. was just what they said it was



Product Type Name

276 hundredths-inches


Using it with Win 10 Pro, 1TB 5400rpm HDD(my own), 250GB Crucial SSD(my own) and 16GB Crucial RAM(ordered additional 8GB, same one inside this machine). original 7200rpm HDD is now rocking inside my PS4.

Works Perfectly for me. Enough power to play my EA Origin or Steam games, and I love the point that I can even upgrade both CPU and GPU for further mileage few years later. Oh, of course, no Steam OS nor Steam controller.

But still, I have a problem. The Internal USB port. I’m using it as wireless mouse receiver and it often goes wrong, like freezing or lagging…nope, no range problem, no battery shotage. Never happens when I plug it outside.

seems like it’s problem of the panel itself (it’s like m.2 slot splitter; usb and another m.2 slot) so I just took off the panel and put ssd directly to the m.2 slot. bye-bye, internal usb port.
I hoped my son would wear it for a special occasion, however it was dirty when I opened a package. It’ s so strange to get a dirty item in a nice clear bag which is absolutely clean. After a wash , one spot is still remaining.I wish I would go to the store rather than to rely on ordering a shirt for my kid online. This is a second case with the dirty shirt that I get within a few days. I have a feeling that somebody puts defective items on purpose.

The computer arrived intact and was well padded inside its container. The case, though its made from plastic, actually looks beautiful and quite elegant. I was very excited so I plugged the darn thing as soon as I unwrapped it. It booted up very quickly with absolutely no hiccups. Windows 10 set up was a breeze. There truly wasn’t any bloatware installed either which is a huge plus. So far everything was looking perfect. That’s when I checked my file explorer and realized that only one of the hard drives was showing up: the SSD. The 2TB drive was NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. I felt my palms get sweaty and the bitter taste of regret starting to build up in my mouth.
I immediately ran through the possible scenarios in my mind:
1) The technicians simply forgot to install the second drive (worst case scenario because this would either mean they would have to MAIL me a hard drive or I would have to purchase one myself and install it)
2) The hard drive is there but just not plugged in.
3) The hard drive is plugged in but just not initialized.
Now, having built computers in the past, I was able to quickly come up with this basic list. I can’t imagine how painful it would be to deal with something like this if you had no historical context.

Freedom to place switch anywhere-on the wall near your door or on the table near your chair

The fastest way to control your pght

394 hundredths-inches

Package Dimensions – Weight




Product Group

Other than that, I can’t believe I have a machine that is quiet, lightweight and has a great battery life (compared to MBP, but not nearly as long as they advertise, I’m getting about 5 hours). It has the same specs as a MacBook Air, i5/8gb Ram. It’s super fast, books up right away and looks great. I’ve only had it a few days but it seems like a very durable machine.

Final points: I am not one of those customers with unreasonable expectations and a sense of entitlement. I understand that things sometimes get missed. I also understand that if you make a product that appeals to a wide group of people, there are bound to be haters. I still think this product is excellent and also a very good deal. Still, I had to spend approximately 1 hour to trouble-shoot the issues mentioned above to get my product to function the way it was meant to OUT OF THE BOX. And this is from someone who had a little bit of experience with computer building, access to the internet, access to special equipment that was needed to fix the issue (SATA cable), and, most importantly, TIME.


551 hundredths-inches



I unplugged the computer and opened the case. I should note here that when you open the case on its transparent side, THE HARD DRIVE BAYS ARE NOT VISIBLE. I am used to FULL TOWER cases so this was a tiny shock to me as I clearly saw no hard drives! But, rationality prevailed and I opened the case on its contralateral side revealing the hard drive bays. To my immense relief, the 2TB hard drive was there (A Toshiba one, sigh)! The problem made itself immediately apparent with visual inspection alone. The HDD was connected to the power supply but not to the motherboard…and the package did not come with any additional or extra SATA cables for me to use. PAINFUL. Now thankfully, I had my previous desktop sitting in storage so I was able to salvage an old SATA cable and get my hard drive all plugged in. At this time, I did take a second to appreciate the overall build quality inside the case, which was very good. Cable management was great. My only gripe: the motherboard is a crappy gigabyte board with pretty much 3 out of 5 star ratings on most review websites (I don’t remember the actual model#). I then reconnected everything and logged back into windows. There was one last tiny bit of added misery because I forgot how to actually initialize a newly installed drive. I had to google that one. Once the drive was initialized, I was good to go.

My purchased version: Core i7, 2TB HDD, 240 gb SSD, 32 gb RAM, GTX 1080
My background: I am fairly tech savvy. I am not in the business, however. I custom built the last three desktops I have used over the last 10 yrs or so.



HP 6000 PRO Business High Performance Tower Desktop Computer PC (Intel…

Item Dimensions – Length

55 hundredths-pounds
276 hundredths-inches

Hope this helped someone!
54 hundredths-pounds

Received well packaged, love the baby clothes.

I have now been putting this thing through its paces over the last couple weeks and should say that it has performed magnificently. All new games can be played on ULTRA settings (I am using a 1920 x 1200 monitor). I also have an Oculus Rift which plays very well with this new PC. Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase and would likely buy this again.


Works well.

I spent quite a bit of time reading reviews about this particular deal on Amazon before pulling the trigger and I do recall seeing several posts from people who had to deal with similar quality control issues. For Cybertron, this should be a fairly simple fix. Before the fully built PC goes into the box, you just need a guy/gal with a clipboard and a checklist to go over all the items to ensure that no component was missed and that everything is plugged in. This would be a 5-star deal if the QC issues are fixed.

Part Number

I may just be a Chromebook convert!

List Price

Item Dimensions – Width

Energy Saving-led technology depvers up to 80% energy savings

I purchased this as a backup for an older MacBook Pro. Using it for business I have no complaints at all. There is an equivalent plug in or online version of everything I need to do and some of them are better than the software/download versions I was previously using. I also need to use this for web development from time to time and I was very skeptical that I would be able to do that on a Chromebook. However, I was pleasantly surprised. Using Codeanywhere, along with several chrome store items, I am able to do just about everything I could do on my Mac.

The things it does better are Hangouts (for obvious reasons) but also, Slack Video/Audio sessions and Zoom meetings. I can even interface with my Dropbox folders, along with Google drive and I don’t have to worry about backups.

339 hundredths-inches

Package Dimensions – Height

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