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I got this last week and it was DOA. I contacted CybertronPC help desk and they (a human who spoke English) walked me through troubleshooting and found that it was a bad unit (I believe the power supply was bad). I was given authorization to send it back to them directly and was also emailed a postage paid UPS label. After sending it back, I came home and emailed them back and gave them a copy of the receipt. The next day I had a new one on my porch when I got home from work! This one worked perfectly and before the end of the night my son was online and gaming again. I definitely recommend this product for it’s quality and for the superior customer service, thank you Amazon and CybertronPC!!

400 hundredths-inches


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400 hundredths-inches

Over the past seven years I evolved into working in the Cloud everyday. The Chromebook works for me because I can focus on what I want to work on every day and not waste my time with intermittent IT admin type tasks that arise unexpectedly like defragmenting a disk, fixing a corrupted Windows registry hive, or fixing file permissions on my computer due to some obscure issue. I don’t waste time backing up my data with an external HD or in Carbonite because the data is saved in the Cloud. With that said, you should turn on 2 Step Authentication with Google for extra security and to practice good security habits.

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very good, fast and functional

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400 hundredths-inches

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As someone who has re-imaged hundreds of Windows computers with their operating systems, I can tell you the Chromebook will give you some peace of mind. You’ll never rebuild this computer because it runs Google’s Chrome OS. You don’t worry about malware and viruses because Google’s OS has the protection built in. Google takes care of all the computer administration with the OS and browser, so you don’t have to like you would in Windows, Mac, or in Linux, which are all operating systems I’ve used at one point.

1. Super fast boot-up time! I love getting to work RIGHT away.
2. The Chrome taskbar at the bottom looks like the Windows 7 taskbar, which I customized for my key applications that I use everyday.
3. Apps – Kindle Cloud Reader, Google Keep, Drive, Calendar, Google Music, Youtube, Gmail, TechSmith SnagIt.
4. Battery life of up to 8.5 hours.
5. No more rebuilding the computer, backing up data, fixing crazy windows OS or software issues, fixing file system corruption issues equals less stress and time spent and more time spent doing the things I love on the Chromebook. I have WAY more peace of mind. ( I recently rebuilt my Office Windows 7 Pro computer, backed it up, took an image of the build, and this took about 6 hours total).
7. Price. $349 for this is a reasonable deal. I’m happy I didn’t go with a Windows 8 ultrabook and spent at least double what I paid for this Chromebook. I have also experienced people losing their laptops, dropping their laptops, or having their laptops stolen while staying at hotels, so if one of these unfortunate things happen to you, at least you know you only lost $349 vs $500-$1000 with a typical Windows laptop!

Attaches up to a 2″ belt with small cpp

7800OR .x1 -GLG

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I like this desktop. I would like it much better if it had more ram, but I am planning to add more rams as I understand it has two more slots. But up to now it is fast and reliable.

Glove Guard

This is the first laptop I’ve bought in five years, and the Chromebook has convinced me that it’s a game changer for my daily work flows. I highly recommend this Chromebook. Google’s mobile computing vision is very progressive and forward thinking, which works perfect for me.

Non-conductive and non-corrosive

Glove Guard


Great, solid little PC.
After not even 2 month the computer hard disk drive needed to be replaced. Otherwise it works welll and I hope I won’t have any more trouble in the near future. Too bad you cannot buy anything not made in China, it seems the quality or lack thereof gets worse by the day.

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Features patented safety breakaway design




Glove Guard

Typical Chrome system unburdened by extra programs that we never use. Rapid start and touchscreen. I would like more memory to be able to keep more photos, movies, etc. on the machine rather than relying on the web to retrieve my information. It would be nice at this price point to have wireless mouse and keyboard.

I love these things about my Chromebook:

I love using a trackpoint. With a trackpoint I can keep my fingers on the keyboard with minimal movement while typing. I love everything about this laptop. It weighs practically nothing. It come out of sleep quickly and reliably. I haven’t come close to running out of battery power.

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Constructed from an engineered grade material that holds its memory and resists flex fatigue


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