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Asus Transformer Mini–You have options on models, some with 64 gig of storage and some with 128 gig of storage but both have micro-sd card slots. Also includes n-trig style pen AND keyboard. Windows 10 though. Excellent battery life. But also great screen at slightly lower resolution, but at 10.1 inches it is good, and it gets VERY bright. Loud speakers also. Likely better for productivity -although size of keyboard is a limiting factor. No Usb-C is a downer. Can find at microsoft store for $249-with pen and keyboard thats pretty sweet for a mini-laptop with 11 hours of battery life–and fingerprint sensor!


Terry Cloth Sweat Wipe

EXO Embossed Palm

Ipad Pro 9.7 inch. I have mixed emotions about this–it works ok, but I don’t agree with Tim cook—I don’t see this as a laptop replacement–it is expensive for what it does, the pen and keyboard cost a lot extra, and IOS still has a lot of issues with multitasking and doing work like you would on a laptop. It’s the tablet thats MORE expensive than your laptop. But it has great app support, good battery life (GREAT standby life), tons of accessories and the pencil is great to use. But you pay the apple tax. Also, one proprietary port that has limited use to attach keyboards, accessories, and…no fast charging for the 9.7 model, only the 12.9 inch model. Why? I have no idea.
Split screen is nice but its only 9.7 inches and you can’t use every app. I still find apps for the iphone only which are stuck in portrait mode. Ugh.
Ios has NO way to use a mouse in the operating system or even a touchpad….so apps that need a mouse–are really difficult to use at times.
This is also not true multi-tasking–items you edit in one app are not always available to edit in another–Ios can sandbox lots of files so the lack of true file system access makes this a poor and limited laptop replacement. But MORE expensive than a laptop!

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I have purchased this device and used it for a few days. I have some thoughts about it, both good and bad

Suede Cuff Puller


I really wanted this to finally replace my galaxy note 10.1 2014 edition, but…it can’t. The 4:3 screen at 9.7 inches is not a great fit for productivity or note taking…so I think Samsung made too many compromises and weren’t clear on how to make this–so they had some odd and inconsistent design quirks.


Asus Zen Pad 3s Uh, its only $300, has a nice ips screen, similar specs, it even has an active stylus (which is not as good as the spen but..it works) .

Samsung Chromebook plus or pro is around the same price or a bit cheaper, better battery life, can run android and chrome apps, larger screen, and also has an spen. And..technically a keyboard is included. If you are trying to do word processing, excel/spreadsheets, content creation…this might be a better choice. As chrome Os gets further updated, I think this has more options although in a larger form factor. But the 12 inch screen on either model is amazingly bright, 3:2 aspect ratio helps in either laptop orientation or as a tablet in tablet mode.
If the chromebook has a 3:2 screen, why didn’t they use that for this galaxy tab 3 ? I dunno.

Great AMOLED Screen
Android Nougat
Best Samsung S-Pen of all time
Pen does not require charging or pairing
USB C with fast charging
Micro-SD slot
Decent Battery life….so far
Split screen Apps
Better Speakers than prior galaxy tabs
Light and easy to hold with one hand
There is at least one good accessory–a keyboard with direct connection that doesn’t need to use bluetooth and doesn’t need charging

2017 tablet using Snapdragon 820 processor. This is still a reasonably fast processor, but not state of the art like the Snapdragon 835. They didn’t even go for the 821 Snapdragon
32 Gig of Storage. I know this tablet generally goes for $600 –same as the ipad pro 9.7 inch 32 gig model. But Android takes up a fair amount of that storage and more on-board storage is important, even if it has a microsd slot. Certain apps still prefer to run on main memory, and in 2017, 32 gig can fill up very quickly.
Currently no model options for larger storage
No LTE models available (I imagine those will come later)
Full glass back. Yes, this is a 9.7 inch tablet with a glass back. I guess it makes it lighter, but…I don’t get it.
No place to store the s-pen. Not even magnetic attachment to the tablet. I personally would have preferred prior galaxy note options like a smaller stylus in the device with the option to buy a larger one to store elsewhere in a case.
Android 7.0 is not geared for major productivity applications and can struggle with certain apps refusing to go into landscape mode when the tablet is docked into the special accessory keyboard.
On tablet bezel buttons for a tablet designed to be used in tablet and landscape mode. Uh, on screen buttons would at least rotate when in different orientations. The new Galaxy s8 and s8 plus will have onscreen buttons–but not the tablet. Weird..

But..its HALF price AND has 64 gig of main storage! I(the lte version only has 32 gig, weird). Build quality is very nice. Also USB C with quick charging. Since this is fine for media consumption, this is a much better deal for me and why I’ll return the samsung.

The price to performance ratio of this Chromebook is wonderful. It has the same internals as an Acer R13 at a much lower cost.
USB-C charging.
Incredibly loud speakers (a real surprise considering the low price).
Clear screen with good viewing angles.
Android App support.
The best trackpad I have used in a low cost notebook.
Decent keyboard.
Outperforms the Nexus6P and Samsung Chromebook Plus at 3D Android Games

I have enjoyed this tablet.it works great fast no regrets..

The Ultimate Light Duty glove for your project around the house

Overall, the only disappointment I had was with Portal Knights, but I didn’t buy it with the expectation that it would work (just that it might work). I was able to quickly fire up Baldur’s Gate, and XCOM so it balanced out. I have been tremendously happy so far. If you have realistic expectations with Chromebooks, you will be hard pressed to find a better device in this price range. I will update this review if problems occur.


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I love my new MacBook pro 15.4″ with retina display. This laptop is fast, fast, fast. It’s about 2-3 seconds from pushing the start button until the login screen appears. My previous MacBook Pro was a 2008 model so there is no comparison. The version I purchased came with Yosemite pre installed. I had to upgrade a couple of programs such as QuickBooks due to the new OS, but no regrets. The version I purchased came with a 1TB SSD which is probably the main reason for fast response time. I’m glad I got the larger HD since I would have nearly maxed out the 512GB drive already. It also makes the computer nearly silent since there is no spinning drive. The new MacBook Pro is quite a bit thinner than my old one which is the reason why it no longer comes with a DVD drive. I purchased an external Apple DVD drive through Amazon just in case I needed one, but most programs for Mac are downloadable through the App Store or Amazon. The screen is crystal clear with no visible pixelation like in my old MacBook Pro. I use File Vault for whole disc encryption without any noticeable decease in performance. If you are looking for a new laptop, I’m sure you will love this one. It is a little more expensive than other brands or other Mac configurations, but I think you get what you pay for.

Great product! I loved all the PJ that I ordered for my 14 month old baby boy. It fits well, no shrinkage, great quality cotton and the designs are adorable.

720p resolution is low (but this isn’t really as big of a problem due to screen size).
Portal Knights won’t work properly (missing textures during gameplay).
The touch screen requires a bit of a heavy hand compared to other devices (This is something I am getting used to the more I use it).
A touch heavy and thick for the size.




It’s wonderful to know and to be able to find a seller that markets a very useful and needed product at extremely reasonable prices, especially when babies outgrow the sizes very fast and it’s not always feasible to purchase top quality clothes due to prices being extremely out of reality for the average person. I truly appreciate the thought and consideration placed into the development of this product. Sincerely, Ximena,

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For context I also have an asus minitransformer windows 10 tablet, I once had a samsung galaxy note 10.1 2014 edition, a galaxy note 12.2 tablet, and currently an ipad pro 9.7 inch tablet with apple pencil. I KNOW tablets!

This is a good, well constructed warmer. If you follow the directions and don’t overfill the canister, it will light and warm quickly. The Zippo will do fine in moderately cold weather. You will have to take the warmer out of the bag to get the hands warm during colder conditions (30ish degree weather). The jon-e warmer gets hotter but does not warm as quickly nor as cleanly as the Zippo. The Zippo will do fine for moderate warming. Look for something else if want to fight freezing conditions.
Stoked about the new PC. Got it for work, boss payed for it, and it works nicely, snappy ram, quick boot up, windows key was easy to find, scratch off sticker. When I unboxed it I actually opened the case to see what was inside and took me a hot second to find the SSD, but it’s in there. Has been working well, still not finished with the updates but making good progress. Got quickbooks up and running, much better than the old PC all around but that doesn’t say much considering that one was running Vista. It’s not as small as I hoped but it’s still less than half the size of the old one. The case is pretty cramped inside, not that it matters. Green LED, 2 USB’s in the front…. That’s about all. The CPU is a bit better than an FX-6300 so really good for office use.

I just wanted a tab s 10.5 inch with a better processor and s-pen support. But NOOO!


I received this Chromebook yesterday, and my initial thoughts are it is a fantastic product. It was easy to update for Android app support, and surprisingly fast for an ARM processor. 3d Android apps performed above my expectations, and browsing with multiple tabs was smooth and responsive. Despite my 5 star review, it is not entirely a perfect laptop (just perfect for what I was expecting).

4:3 Aspect ratio. I am a bit torn on this–Some might prefer this aspect ratio, but I don’t find it to be ideal–watching movies in landscape mode is a little bit worse due to the black bars on either side. But I also know a 16:9 ratio has issues trying to use as a tablet in portrait mode. They went for something safe here–but I find it odd considering the upcoming S8 phone has an 18.5:9 screen ratio.
Price–for a tablet for $600 dollars going with a snapdragon 820 seems weird. They didn’t even consider their own Samsung-made exynos processor? Maybe they had a ton of leftover 820s returned from the Galaxy note 7s…but..given the high price I would really have preferred something newer for future proofing. At least apple puts in state of the art custom processors in their ipad for the most part. For Samsung the processor is an afterthought most of the time.
Can you really get stuff done on a 9.7 tablet? I guess so. Depends on your needs. I think light word processing is ok. I did get the keyboard–best buy had in stock–and it is nice but not as good as the ipad smart keyboard in my opinion. At least it has a loop so you can attach the s-pen.
Split screen is a nice feature, and likely more flexible than on the ipad, but…its only a 9.7 screen. You can’t go that nuts.
How much “work” can you get done with 32 gig of storage?
Battery life–in my limited experience using the keyboard does cause drain–faster than I would like- reviews are quite mixed about this so far. I think for media consumption it likely will be good, game playing fair, but work with keyboard and screen on ? Maybe not so great.








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Ugh I also have the oddly named Asus 3s 10 tablet–which is very simiilar to this tablet but half the price! Which is why this will get returned. And now for my review:

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