amazon usa online store,Guard-Tex ® Self-Adhering Safety Tape – General Bandage 3/4″ X 30 Yard Green Guard-Tex ® Self-Adhering Safety Tape – 41308-3/4,women beauty care

I would recommend upgrading the included 4gb memory to 8gb, especially since a 4gb sodimm of ddr3 can be had for $20.

First Aid

Item Dimensions – Width

General Bandage


General Bandage


General Bandage

The shirt was very well packaged. Like a designer, adult men’s shirt. The material is very see through, like a thin linen. It is fitted through the torso. It was too small for my huskier 10 year old, who normally wears a size 10 (U.S. sizes) just fine. I bought a size 12 thinking I wanted it a bit loose in case he wore an undershirt. It buttoned but barely. However, my very slender 13 year old was able to wear it, even though he has incredibly long arms (most sleeves are too short for him). He generally wears a size 14, just so the sleeves are long enough. This shirt fit him perfectly. So for that reason, I kept it, even though it’s very thin, linen like texture. The tie has an elastic band for around the neck and is long enough, not too short like some. The pocket hanky has a weird blanket stitch finishing on the edge, poorly made. The color is a beautiful, vibrant blue. The thing I liked best about this shirt was the packaging. Although there was a lot of it, to the point of overkill. There were three different wraps for around the collar. The cardboard the shirt was wrapped around, a plastic collar stay, plastic on the tie, four straight pins and 6 to 8 metal twist clips holding the whole thing together, as well as a plastic outer wrap (though ours came ripped open the shirt was clean). The thing I liked the least and the reason I am giving it three stars is the super thin, material. Although it is literally see through if the person stands in sunlight, it is rough textured like muslin and stiff like muslin.

Usually, for the type of performance you get out of this tiny little thing you would expect a 17inch laptop. Core i7? Gaming graphics? 13.3 inches? EIGHT HOURS OF BATTERY LIFE?!?! …and only 3.5 pounds? Seriously, this thing feels like a frisbee and looks like a Porsche. Not to mention the hot-swap sheet batteries that charge the internal battery while providing an extra 8 hours of battery life…

perfect size and great quality
I like it a lot. Good configuration for the price. The only -ve point i found is that the wireless network range is less than my old Toshiba laptop. It couldn’t locate my wireless network if i am at long distance from it while my old laptop could locate and connect to it. OTH i like its touch keyboard. This is very helpful in writing with other languages.

First Aid Supppes for the Workplace and Home

Product Type Name


Health and Beauty



Item Dimensions – Length

455 hundredths-pounds
General Bandage
Health and Beauty





Item Dimensions – Height

0 hundredths-inches
As a software architect, I’ve handled and owned my share of high performance PCs. Especially since I also dabble in the hardware side of the IT industry. This laptop takes the cake.

After some very minor tweaking I was able to clock an 8 second boot to desktop. 10 seconds from pressing the power button to the desktop being loaded with windows 7 professional.

Love them. My grandson gets a rash from regular undies. These work great and fit well. They shipped super fast too. Awesome price for five pairs.

This laptop has 2 graphics cards switchable by a toggle right up near the screen. One card is for performance, the other for battery life. Using the “Stamina” setting for battery life and while at a sports bar I was able to log 4 hours of use at minimal brightness with wifi on. After leaving I found that the battery was still at 30%. With the “Speed” setting, I was able to run the game “Portal 2” at highest settings at 35fps.



Part Number

ASUS UN65U-M022M VivoMini Barebones PC with Intel Core i5-7200U and…


Lenovo ThinkPad E565 20Ey 15.6″ Notebook – 4 GB RAM – 500 GB HDD – AMD…

75 hundredths-inches

With 2 SATA III SSDs in a striped array, you have 2 of the highest performing disks out there doing the work of 1. Using the HDTune benchmark this posted 455mb/sec transfer speeds to disk, and only spiked down to 380mb/sec twice over the course of the test(meaning something else on the computer interrupted and started using the disk during the benchmark). For comparison, most conventional disk drives get between 50mb/sec and 80mb/sec.

Wound Management

In short, I cannot praise this laptop enough. It’s sleek, sexy, and performant. If you are looking for a high end laptop, look no further.


List Price



General Bandage




Package Quantity

Item Dimensions – Weight

3000 hundredths-inches

Product Group

very good laptop works great

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