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We received our CyberpowerPC SLC8760CPG right on time. It was a very easy setup. It took about 5 minutes to unpack and setup. The machine turned on immediately and was up and running in a couple of minutes. The liquid cooled system keeps the components running cool and the 4 fans that run within the case are all whisper quiet. This is an amazing gaming machine. Also, you can’t beat the ability to customize the color light scheme.
I’m a game design student at college, so I put this computer to the test, and it has performed better than expected. I would highly recommend this computer to anyone who needs a quiet and powerful system.

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-Matte HD screen easily deters fingerprint marks
-Metallic case gives it more than a quality feel, it also greatly assists in heat absorption generated by the CPU & GPU.
-^That also means the external heat is more palpable, but only around internal temperatures upwards of 80 degrees Celcius. I find that a good cue that your laptop needs to take a break since those temperatures are detrimental to its longevity.
-Elsewhere, the internal temperature is pretty low, around 35-45 degrees Celsius for regular use, and 50-80 degrees for gaming. Needless to say your lap won’t get burned.
-Blazing-fast boot speeds. Once you go SDD, you will never go back to HDD (except maybe for idle backup storage).
-Handy backlit keyboard with 2 light intensity modes so
-minimalistic, slim, and jet-black design that doesn’t scream "expensive gaming laptop waiting to be stolen." I could use this in meetings without looking gaudy.
-affordable and upgradeable–NO TAXES!
-Windows software without a litany of useless stock apps.
-970M, the second best GPU chip as of this review, runs solidly. However, with more graphic intensive games being released, I don’t think it’s future-proofed for more than 3 years since I already find myself lowering graphics from ultra to very high. Consider investing in the 980M if you’re an ultra-high-end mobile gamer, but for most this will do.

-dual fans can become rather noisy when gaming heavily and with turbo boost, but in a slim case with a 970M GPU this is a necessary tradeoff. Just use headphones.
-nothing stellar about the speakers compared to other gaming laptops with subwoofers and 5.1 surround sound. Pretty decend and loud enough to reverberate a large living room. Again, a necessary tradeoff for a slim profile.
-metallic case is a fingerprint magnet if you have greasy hands. Will have to wipe it regularly, which I guess is a good habit…
-battery life is under 3.5 hours normal use, less than 2 for gaming. Not a Macbook air, so keep the charger around.

Overall, this gaming laptop is a humble beast, and I’d prefer this over the ASUS ROG with the 970M chip. Look no further for a better price-to-performance deal!
This suit is great for the price. A nicer suit would have lining, especially in the pants. But I’m not spending $60+ on a suit for my little kid cause he grows so fast. The 5 was too big from this same brand, although most of the time he wears 5T.

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Bought two for office and buying another. Great so far excellent deal. Data Sales Co. is the seller and they have excellent feedback 5 stars which is almost unheard of for refurbish company’s.


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This is probably one of the best laptops that I have owned so far. It is super fast and doesn’t get too loud. I like the slim form factor and it is well made, the materials are really nice as well. The only issue that I have is that sometimes when typing it will delay for a split second, and type the last letter a few times in succession. It is annoying, but honestly not a deal breaker. It runs all of my games well. I play GTA V online just fine, It hasn’t crashed on me or anything yet. So far, I am very pleased!

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Support is GREAT!
Couldn’t tell the difference from brand new! My imac was delivered to my door (signature required for delivery) and was packaged very well. All the original plastic and packaging came with. Works just the way it should. I upgraded the RAM immediately but this is perfect for my photo editing.
if you only need it to go online or to do face book. or online school work. this has the ports for usb stuff ( 4) but no dvd or cd drive which I did not pay attention to my self. the keys are very slippery or smooth so have to watch your typing other wise it works good it is a touch screen too but it does not come apart to be used as a tablet. it is a computer only just in case you were wondering the USB ports are 2 in the back one on each side of the keyboard and the on and off switch is on the side the left side not on the keyboard like all the computers I have ever had. if there is something else you need to know let me know and I will try to answer if I can. Oh and it cam three days early then they said it would so shipping for me was great. 4 stars do to no cd-dvd drive


It is the first of June and it now has a blank screen, have E-mail the seller being a Sunday it might be a while until I hear back. Will keep you updated on how it goes and what and how this seller deals with problems. And this was ship to a VA address so can not say how fast it would have gotten to WA state

well after an hr the screen came back on by it self not sure what the problem was or is but it is now working again.

one other thing when I type on here if my finger or thumb goes over the mouse pad it will move the line of type to the middle of the sentence and mess it up so as others have said you have to be careful when typing. I am a guy who looks where he is typing and not up so by the time I have looked up I am starting all over again LOL the plug does come out and still look like it is in so have to watch for that may only be mine but just something to check on I have too. will be updating as i think of things of importants.



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I bought this size 7 polo after searching everywhere for a 100% poleyester purple one. My son wears a size 6 so I was nervous about getting a 7 but i was worried the 5/6 would be small. I saw that the reviews said they ran small and I will agree. The size 7 is perfect for him. I will say that it seems to be more slim fitting and not as wide as other shirts. Although this isn’t an issue for us because he is slim. I really like the color of this shirt, very shiney and vibrant. I bought one to see how I liked it and I am already ordering another one, before he has even wore it to school. I just wish they were a little cheaper.

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