cheapest place to buy laptops,6 foot bar,Fjords Mustang Large Leather Recliner and Ottoman – Norwegian Ergonomic Scandinavian Reclining Chair in Nordic Line Genuine Sandel Light Brown Leather Cherry Wood



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Ah memories! This laptop is the real deal, back when laptops were sturdy and useful. If you have old gear, which requires a serial port connection, this is a great addition to your tool chest. If you just want a cheap laptop to run any program without intensive graphic requirements, this is it.

It is an ergonomically designed chair that provides continuous support and comfort. It helps to prevent your legs and back from getting tired, relax your body and enable your blood to circulate more freely.

4200 hundredths-inches

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34 inches



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Large Size

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Great style and fit. True to size.

3600 hundredths-inches


Item Dimensions – Height


Got this because people at work got one. Fiance did not really approve, but as more time went on she was like “wow that show looks really good on the screen” and “that looks really good for a monitor.”
Fjords 10 year guarantee – our materials and production controls give you a 10 year guarantee on all steel structures and 5 years on foam, plastic parts and woodwork. All fjords® products are traceable. A label under the armrests or beneath the piece of furniture will reveal when the product was made.

Fjords utipzes cold cure molded foam in the seat, back, armrest and ottoman. Cast molded cold cure foam retains its suppleness longer than standard block molded foam in order to retain its durabipty and physical appearance.

The unique gpding mountings that are built in to the chairs provide he best individual resting position. The weight of the body determines the chair position.

Fast turn on and operations are real pluses for this computer.

3400 hundredths-inches

So far so good. No complaints. Great tool.

Package Dimensions – Length

42 inches

Chairs are Stocked for fast shipping. We ship these chairs Fully Assembled. Standard Freight Ground Curbside Only Shipping is Included. Add $255 for inside Depvery, Setup and Box Removal


32 inches
7500 hundredths-pounds
I was a little hesitated to buy refurbished one but price was too good. So far so good.
75 pounds

Item Dimensions – Width


My 3.5 yr old loooved this shirt! He wanted to put it on as soon as he saw it. I loved that the cape attaches easily with velcro on the back so in case it gets tangled with something it will come right off and not pull my son with it.
I do think the size runs a tiny bit small. Usually a size 4T fits a bit loose on my son and this one actually fit just right which was great for Halloween at daycare but I wanted this to last a bit longer. He’ll probably only fit for a few months.

Genuine Fjords Leather Mustang Recpner and ottoman features the Fjords Active Release System

The first pair of 12/14 underwear my son tried on were so tiny they fit my slim four year old perfectly. My son was very disappointed. As I was preparing to return them, we discovered the remaining four pairs were actually the correct size. The first pair had been mislabeled and was included in the package with the clearly larger pairs. Disappointed in the quality control, but fortunately able to use the mini pair for my younger son.

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