Set of Finger Guard & Knives Pommel BRONZE Bolster for Custom Knife Making #11,top selling products on amazon 2014,fire safe safe

The product is made of Bronze. But our CraftMen can produce same item in Melchior (also known as Nickel silver or German Silver). You can notice it in your order or send me message.We’ll need approx 2-3 days to make it. Price – the same!


Is Memorabilia





works as advertised

DIMENSIONS: Finger Guard: Dimension: 40х24х19mm Weight: about 25 grams Montage Hole: 25x14mm Hole for blade: 2х11mm Pommel: Dimension: 18х20х35mm Weight: about 24 grams Montage Hole: 30x15mm

The size was good. size Large for my 7 year old. But he’s also very tall, tallest in his class. What everyone should be aware of is that this is not a pack of T-shirts. It’s ONE T-shirt. I suppose I should have read the details better. I purchased these as an undershirt for my son’s school uniformed Polos. $7.99 is not a good price for 1 plain white undershirt. For $7.99 the cotton was not thick enough. If it had been 3 T-shirts, with the cotton as thick as it was, for $7.99….that would be a good deal. I’ll just pick up some Fruit Of The Looms down at Target next time…

For our 3-year-old, I hang up all 3 charts side by side with headings 1 morning, 2 mid-day, and 3 afternoon. Using clipart image searches, I created cards specific to our routine, and pasted them on 3 colors of cardstock so he could recognize what is immovable in our routine, what is a transition event, and what is a “choice time”. When he needed more direction for that, I simply made “choice cards” for him to choose from when appropriate. It lets him feel in charge and in control, and he doesn’t have nearly as many fits because he knows what to expect!


I LOVE this product. I’ve used it for our Autistic 8-year-old, and for our “typical” almost-4-year-old. It comes as a set of 3. Each holds 6 cards with a fabric pouch at the bottom for extra cards.

everything is good just carmera couldn’t work



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JBL EON615 15-Inch Two-Way Multipurpose Self-Powered Sound…

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HP J5N50UT Chromebox Desktop Computer (Intel Celeron 2955U 1.40 GHz…


Is Autographed

Umake 1070 VR Ready Gaming Desktop – Core i7-6700 @ 3.40GHz , 16GB…
Cutest swim shorts, fits perfect, great quality, great price…great purchase. Looks so cute on my 6yr old

If you are considering a MSI Trident 3 than you are likely looking for a small and capable gaming PC, maybe with some upgrade potential. And in principle it delivers. It is small, fitting easily in any backpack and most messenger bags. An i5 is a good choice for gaming, and the 1060 graphics card plays any modern with very decent framerate, on high settings, as long as you are not trying to play at 4k resolution.

The upgradability is also there, but only to a degree. There is a SATA slot, and a M.2 one (that supports only SATA no NVMA), the CPU is removable, there are two slots for laptop ram, and the graphics card is removable. However: the motherboard has a non-standard format, so it can’t be upgraded / replaced. The graphics card is a small GTX 1060, that connects via PCI express. This means you can replace it with another (small) graphics card. But the limit here is the external, proprietary power supply, that provides 230 W. This is enough for the GTX 1060, CPU etc, but not for, let’s say, a GTX 1070. For that you would need a more potent power supply. And again, it is a non-standard one. But you could in principle upgrade the GTX 1060 with its successor when one is available.
The CPU is a Kaby lake one and Intel has recently released its successor, Coffee Lake. These two have different, incompatible requirements on the motherboards chipset. So you will not be able to upgrade to a Coffee Lake CPU like the i5-8400 with this computer. However, the i5-7400 of this machine is decent for gaming, and the graphics card will likely be a bottleneck for gaming, before you are limited by the CPU.

Either way, how does the Trident perform at the given configuration? Very nicely actually. It is very quiet, whether gaming or not, and can render modern games very well.

That all said though I cannot recommend the Trident 3 wholeheartedly , and I would suggest you take a look at a competing product. One of the reasons for this is that the Trident 3 series seems to be plagued by power issues, as can be seen here from the other comments and also a highly viewed tread on MSI’s own website describing MSI Trident 3 Won’t Turn on.
If your Trident 3 turns out to be affected by this issue and you send it in for repairs, your real troubles might just start. At least for me they did.
My unit would just power off under high gaming load. Not ideal for a gaming PC. So I decided to contact MSI customer support (You need to call, because the support form has been broken for quite some time), where I was told I had to send it for an RMA, and I had to cover shipping myself. Depending on where you live this might amount to a not trivial sum.
In retrospect I wish I hadn’t sent it in though. The first RMA took about one week, and the return slip stated that the CPU fan was cleaned, because the unit was allegedly overheating. This was not the case though. I had excluded an overheating problem before sending it in, and I had also provided a description of the problem and a way to reproduce it along with the unit.

After another call I send in the machine again (to MSI’s credit, they covered the shipping this time). However they couldn’t find a fault with the machine this time, and asked me to send in my hard drive as well. I did so and received the Trident back after maybe 3 weeks total this time, allegedly in working condition. However, this time there was no power supply in the package.
So I called a third and fourth time, and after some apparent difficulties at the repair center with finding the power supply they sent it back to me.
I was eager to use my computer again, just to find that it wouldn’t start at all anymore. After two trips to the MSI RMA center I have now a computer that is not working anymore at all.

Now after the third RMA the computer seems to be working more reliably. However the whole process took so long that I wasn’t able to take it with me on a longer stay abroad.

So, if you are considering a MSI Trident, please also consider the problems other people here describe and the quality of MSI’s RMA center.

To your attention there is Awesome Set Finger Guard and Pommel for Knife’s Handle Custom Making. Model is designed by Famous Artist and Fully Hand Crafted using the method of vacuum casting.



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They are meant to be for travel (each folds neatly with Velcro), as in “drive to…/ gas station/ drive to…/ grocery store/ …drive home” (an example sequence for child with Autism).

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