EasyNew 2pcs 4″ 18w CREE LED Work Light Bar Flood Beam 60 Degree Waterproof for Off-road Truck Car ATV SUV Jeep Boat 4wd ATV Auxiliary Driving Lamp Pods,sell books on amazon

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Product Description: Specification:
LED Power: 18 W
Voltage: 9-32 V
LED: 6pcs*3W (CREE LED)
Beam: Flood beam
LED color temperature: 5000K, 6500K
Working life: 50000 hours
Working temperature: -40~ 85℃
Waterproof rate: IP67
Material: 6063 aluminum profile, stainless steel bracket, PC Lens

Indoor and Outdoor uses
Back up light
Off Road Lighting
Truck, Trailer Interior and Exterior Lighting
Construction Lighting
Garden, Backyard Lighting
Boat Lighting

Package Included:
18W LED Work Light x 2PCS
Adjustable Mounting Brackets
Screws Set

Product Features:
  • LED Power:18W 1800lm;6pcs*3W high intensity CREE LEDs
  • Compatible with All automobiles and devices equipped with a 10 to 30 Volt DC power source
  • The light output is simply phenomenal, they produce a mass of pure white daylight (6000k). They light the entire forward viewing area, giving greater visibility without eye fatigue
  • Adjustable bracket makes changing direction of light beam easily;Suitable vertical fins design for maximum heat dissipation
  • Package include:2 X 18W CREE LED FLOOD WORK LIGHT
Brand: Easynew
Category: Automotive Parts and Accessories
Product Type: auto part
UPC: 764210154945
EAN: 0764210154945
Quantity of Items in a Package: 2
Product Dimensions:
Length 8.4 in 21.34 cm
Width 4.8 in 12.19 cm
Height 4.9 in 12.45 cm
Product Weight:
2.1 lb 952.54 g

Excellent quality, excellent workmanship. Fast shipping.
Nice slacks. They have an internal adjustable waistband, which is great for my very slim 12yo son. Bought the size 12 for him and they are just a touch long, but he is on the small size. He says they’re so comfortable that he could sleep in them, if I’d let him. Um, no. They are somewhat wrinkle-resistant as well.
This is my first Dell computer after 20 years of owning Compaq & Hewlett Packard PCs.
I’m pleased so far. It was easy to set up & run from the start. I had no problems getting it up & going.
It did take a little while to delete the fluff & set it up the way I prefer, but that would be true of any new PC .
I’m not a big fan of Windows 10 yet, it seems to want to take more control of my computing & requires more effort on my part to save folders where I want them. But that’s an OS issue, not hardware issue.
If not for my mild disappointment with Windows 10, I would have given it 5 stars. Most others I’ve talked to like 10.
This Dell seems to be a good computer, we’ll see how it holds up in the long run.
I’m satisfied & pleased with it so far…
I finally caved and bought this PC for gaming. After 2 months I’m still loving it.

If you’re worried about the smattering of the negative reviews (like I was), here’s a reassuring quote from Dustin, who took over as manager of the Corsair One project after launch:

"The chief problem we’ve had with Corsair One has been the PCI Express ribbon issue, and we’ve recalled those and are beginning to send out replacement systems. I haven’t seen any other issues really pop up that wouldn’t happen with any other PC."

That quote is from back in September of 2017. The units subject to recall were from lots 1725 to 1731. Any machine ordered today is unlikely to be affected by the ribbon cable issue.

The only negative thing I have to say about the Corsair One is that it’s unlikely to have meaningful upgrade options. Here’s one more quote from Dustin:

"Make no mistake, from an engineering standpoint I do think it’s an absolutely fantastic product with an innovative cooling system able to balance performance and noise in a way nobody else really has in this form factor.

"But I also recognize its shortcomings in terms of the upgradeability that was promised and not delivered upon to the depth that you and I would like, and I’ve made efforts to correct our public messaging where possible to line it up with what’s actually feasible with Corsair One.

"Believe me, if we were to make a second generation Corsair One platform, upgradeability would be a huge priority."

Maybe Corsair will offer a graphics card upgrade kit. Maybe not. My advice would be to pick a configuration you’ll be happy with for as long as you want to use this computer.

I’ll wrap up by repeating that I love my Corsair One. I’ve been having a blast with this hooked up to a Vive. In terms of performance, style, and acoustics, the Corsair One is really amazing.

The quotes from Dustin are from the Corsair User Forums. Amazon reviews may not contain external links, but you can use Google to find the original posts.
Authentic zippo lighter that comes in a zippo box! The zippo is well done and the paint seems to be sturdy and shouldn’t fade with being in a pocket daily. The picture made me think it was just a bloody hand print on silver but it’s actually white.

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