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Handmade horn combs are famous traditional handicrafts in southern China. The special traditional craftsmanship of making natural horn combs has been handed down generation from generation since Song Dynasty 700 years ago. Buffalo and sheep horns are precious ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, combing hair with horn combs every day can relieve the itchy scalp and improve the condition of hair loss. Besides, gently massaging the scalp with horn combs every day can promote the blood circulation near the brain, relieve the blood pressure and soothe the brain nerves, thus helping the users to keep a peaceful mind.


– Breezelike sheep horn combs are high-rank combs sold by China Craft Store. All Breezelike sheep horn combs are made with natural sheep horns and crafted with Chinese traditional handicrafts.

– Breezelike sheep horn combs tend to glide through hair much easier without discharging static.

– The natural sheep horn combs are firmer and tougher than plastic ones, thus less likely to broke after using for a while.

– The teeth of natural sheep horn combs are smoother, blunter than plastic ones, thus better for hair care.

– Breezelike natural sheep horn combs made with Chinese traditional handicrafts are smooth to the touch and easy on the eyes. It is a kind of enjoyment to hold one.

– No two leaves are identical in the world, neither are natural sheep horns. Each Breezelike sheep horn comb has its unique distinctive texture, which makes it special.


– Do not soak horn combs in water, especially hot water for a long time.

– Keep horn combs away from sunlight and damp.

– Horn combs can be deformed by high temperature and corroded by detergents.

Product Features:
  • The fine tooth round handle hair comb is handmade with 100% natural sheep horns
  • Crafted with exquisite traditional handicrafts, well polished, smooth and seamless
  • No snags, no static, less frizz, easy to detangle all hair types and prevents hair breakage
  • Refined natural sheep horn teeth help to relieve tension and stimulate scalp, great for massage
  • Premium quality hair comb, with an excellent after-sales service, perfect for gifting! ( 7.1″ long )
Brand: Breezelike
Manufacturer: China Craft Store
Category: Beauty
Classification: Misc.
Item Model Number: HC11001
Part Number: HC11001
UPC: 702168211198
EAN: 0702168211198
ASIN: B00K239FC4
Color: Yellow
Quantity of Items in a Package: 1
Product Dimensions:
Length 7.09 in 18.01 cm
Width 1.97 in 5.00 cm
Height 0.28 in 0.71 cm
Package Dimensions:
Length 9.4 in 23.88 cm
Width 3.2 in 8.13 cm
Height 0.7 in 1.78 cm
Package Weight:
1.6 oz 45.36 g
about 1 chicken egg

I got this laptop on a deal at Best Buy shortly after the holidays. There’s 2 memory slots, so I immediately swapped in an additional 4GB of RAM, and I haven’t found anything that really taxes this system much yet. I really like the look and feel of the laptop, and (upgraded to 8GB total RAM) it is an awesome deal for under $500. I don’t do gaming, but I do watch netflix and HBO Go, and that streaming video quality is great on this screen, although very slightly washed out.

Now, some of the negatives. The fingerprint sensor, which is used to log in to the computer and to certain websites, stops working every few days. A restart is the only thing required to get it working again, but in the meantime, if you don’t want to restart, it is somewhat annoying to have to X out of the Simplepass popup screen that shows up ever time to go to a site that you’ve registered for fingerprint credentials. 2nd, I find that the touchpad is too large and in an inconvenient proximity to the keys. While typing I constantly find the cursor jumping to other parts of the text, which can be rather frustrating. 3rd, for a Beats branded laptop, the speakers on this are absolutely atrocious. I know laptop speakers generally leave much to be desired, but I also have an HP touchpad and the sound out of the tiny speakers on that tablet is 1000% better than this multi-speaker laptop.
It is really nice basic model with all required features.

Would be really great if FULL High Defination is available with it.

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