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  COOKING DOESN’T HAVE TO BE MESSY! Enjoy the comfort of knowing that this splatter screen for frying will fully protect your kitchen from any splatter. Perfect fit for any 11 or 13 inch pot and pan.

Pros: The system is fast. I can be on the internet and answering emails in about 10 seconds. Aside from the refurb part, the machine matches the specs described.



Package Dimensions – Height




Package Dimensions – Length

This computer’s hard drive crashed within 5 months. While we were prepared to have a new one installed what the Computer guy found was appalling.
There were screws missing that held in the screen, the hard drive was NOT screwed in and the screen monitor wires prongs had ripped from the logic board and resolder job was poor quality, meaning that the part that was soldered on was already on the verge of falling off and obviously it was shoddy job. My son saved his money for months to be able to buy a computer and this is down right deceitful. We have attached a photo for evidence.

 WHY PLAY WITH FIRE? Unpke other screens, our splatter guard is heat resistant up to 500*F and the handle is covered with sipcone for extra protection!

1461 hundredths-inches


115 hundredths-pounds
1260 hundredths-inches

My son just grew out of a pair of size 16, black Gioberti dress pants. He’s had them for at least two years and has worn them at least once a week, laundering them between wearings. They wash up beautifully and never showed signs of wear. The fabric is beautiful and comfortable and they always looked so sharp! So I didn’t look anywhere else when it was time to go up a size. These Gioberti dress pants fit my tall and thin son perfectly. I have nothing but good things to say about these pants!

The computer is absolutely useless after 6 months, when it should have been good for a couple of years. Hard drives are one thing, but bad soldering jobs ruined the circuits and the screen will not turn on without another logic board. It will cost nearly what my son paid for it to begin with $400+ to replace hard drive and logic board. and even then it’s a gamble. So he has offered to salvage for us and save us the disposal charge.
PLUS, we have tried to contact the seller, and imagine that, he doesn’t respond….This seller is a con job. We would have like to discuss what our options were, but business ethics are as bad as the technicians who refurbished the iMac, and we never received a response.


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Apple MacBook Pro MD101LL/A Intel Core i5-4258U X2 2.4GHz 4GB 128GB…


BECOME A RAVING FAN! We’ll only provide you with the finest product and service around, or your money back! Add your sipcone splatter guard to the cart, and experience the Greenful Products customer experience phenom! Bonus – Lifetime warranty!

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BREEZE TO CLEAN AND EASY TO STORE. Our splatter shield only requires dish soap and water, or just throw it in the dishwasher. The folding handle makes for an easy storage.

The lighter is of a good quality and the engraving looks very nice. I have contacted the seller with a request to expedite the shipping in order to get this on time for my husband’s birthday. The seller promptly responded and gladly agreed to ship the item on the next day.
Hubby loves his new lighter!

Package Dimensions – Width


Cons: This seems to be a refurbished computer. After unboxing the laptop, I noticed a few places where the case was separating at the seams. I asked the seller about it a couple of weeks ago, but still no response.

Works great and couldn’t be happier with the product.
13 inches


Package Dimensions – Weight




91 hundredths-inches

SAFE TO USE! Our grease splatter screen is BPA free, non toxic, free from rust, and FDA approved.

VERY SMALL! 7 should be labeled 5T. I ordered the largest size just in case. My kid has sensory issues and he loves the fabric. The pants are like printed sweat pants.
Really solid adapter for the price. Various plugs that are useful. Also matches my Macbook Pro perfectly if that matters to you. Only reason I gave it one less star is because I haven’t had it for very long and do not know if it will break down. It seems sturdy enough though.

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