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June 16, 2018 – Two samll things keep this from being a 5 star Chromebook.

All my other complaints would have to be directed at Microsoft and not Gigabyte. I don’t think anyone in their right mind wants to play Candy Crush Saga. Ever.

– The power button is almost a guilty pleasure. It’s so satisfying to press! Not as guilty as a Fractal Design power button, but close.
– There are USB ports on both sides of the laptop! And they’re spaced apart enough that clunky plugs like thumb drives don’t need to fight for space with other USB devices.
– Good pixel density, and that X-Rite Pantone calibration is a nice plus. The display is clear, backlighting is even, 144hz is a godsend (the highest refresh rate panel I’d ever tried until now was a 75hz display from about 10 years ago).
– Coming from someone who has exclusively used Cherry MX blues for the past 6 years, I’m okay with this keyboard. It’s taking time to get used to the different spacing and key travel, but it certainly isn’t bad. The only thing that messes with me layout-wise is the shortened right shift key to make way for the up arrow. Maybe that arrow pad could’ve been integrated into the numpad to make more space for other stuff? I mean the keyboard has two redundant sets of arrow keys millimetres from each other. I still don’t like chiclet keyboards, but it’s very usable. Reminds me of how solid the older unibody MBP keyboards feel, and that’s a good thing. The keycap font isn’t my favorite thing, but at least I can see what the letters are without squinting or looking up a list of secret codes.
– USB port in the power brick has already saved me much hassle in the airport. Now that I’ve used it, I don’t think I can go back to a vanilla power brick anymore.
– The hinge tension is just right. Opens with one finger (my pinky can barely manage), and the bottom half stays put. Despite all that, the hinge is solid and stays put wherever it was set.
– I didn’t think the super thin bezels would make a difference until I tried it. Certainly not a quantifiable improvement in any way, but as an aesthetic thing, they’re a nice luxury.
– Gigabyte’s Smart Manager has the ugliest interface in the world, but it works, and does all the things that I’d expect it to do, and then some. It would also be nice if the icon labels were actually in English.
– Smooth, large (enough) trackpad, but that elan software is god awful.
– The battery is big. It was big enough to slightly peeve the TSA, but it lasted the whole flight. Who likes the TSA anyway?

Newest Flagship Acer R13 13.3″ Convertible 2-in-1 Full HD IPS Touchscreen Chromebook – Intel Quad-Core MediaTek MT8173C 2.1GHz, 4GB RAM, 32GB SSD, WLAN, Bluetooth, Webcam, HDMI, USB 3.0, Chrome OS

When my old PC conked out, I went for this one; it seemed to have the best bang for my buck. I’ve had this PC for about 5 months now and I love it! Compared to my old HP, this Dell is super quiet. My HP used to moan like a jet engine. The computer is fast, supports dual monitors, and has plenty of USB ports which is important to me. I upgraded to Windows 10 when it was released and there were no issues in terms of speed. I’d recommend this to anyone looking for moderate Internet usage and some multi-tasking. I don’t do much gaming, but the few games that I have played ran great!

UPDATE: The correct laptop was sent, however the wrong screen was attached to it. Customer service sent me a label for return.
19 inches

Long review time.

Cooling is good, but not great. I will sometimes/rarely reach 99c*. I’m not checking for throttling.

The first thing that struck me upon unboxing this was the simplicity yet effectiveness of the packaging. Simple folded cardboard held all the extra stuff in place, and the laptop had its own tray and came wrapped in a form-fitting bag that I’m using at the moment as a protective sleeve while traveling. The cloth liner between the lid and keyboard wouldn’t stay put, so I left that at home. Then came the weight. I compared it to my old 2008 15” MBP, and I’d have to say the heft and dimensions are similar, but was less flexy and bendy overall. A good start. The styling is sharp, since I’d been on the hunt for a gaming laptop that didn’t look garish and ugly, and the IO is enough to put nearly every computer in the house to shame… except my custom loop build.

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Thanks for reading, and I hope this helped someone. I’ve only had this laptop for a week, and my only gripes with this machine were caused by Windows build 1803. Overall, a great workhorse with a great form factor and a great display. All I can do is repaste or liquid metal, and pray for longevity. I hope it lasts a long time. If there’s anything I have to say to Gigabyte, please do some better QC for the keyboard backlight LED’s.

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List Price

The performance is great, at max performance setting. It is a bit slow starting out, but having everything set up puts it at rated performance after a day. The performance is as advertised at the end of the day. Something I was glad to see was the QA and technicians verifications. For this expensive of a laptop, it should be expected though. Good to see still. However, If you see the invoice, the product does not say IPS, I purchased this for the advertised IPS screen. I’m very disappointed in the product I received because it was close to being an excellent laptop for the price and it is pulled down by this minor but major oversight that resulted in me not getting what I paid for, for the wrong reason.

Short review: Laptop is sturdy AF, loud AF (under extended load), and fast AF until it thermal throttles. A laptop cooler or stand helps a lot. Undervolting the CPU using Intel XTU to -0.150 offset and disabling short duration boost has greatly reduced overall operating temperatures for day to day operation. I am still fine tuning my iGPU undervolt.



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This is a pretty amazing device and, finally, a laptop replacement that is the size of a large tablet. I purchased the i5 processor vs. the i7 because the reports I’d read said that the battery life would be better. I have nothing to make a comparison with, however, the battery life is pretty good, about 4 hours with generally heavy use. This Surface Pro 3 came with the standard keyboard. It’s really nice. It lights up and it’s thin and lightweight. That said, I also purchased the battery keyboard. It’s not a perfect fit as I believe it was designed for a previous model Surface Pro. It’s also heavier than the other keyboard. That said, I’m really glad I bought it because now I can go a full 8-9 hours on battery power. Microsoft did a really nice job on this product.
Much appreciated for such a lovely device in good condition as good as new. Received thetablet with the digitizer pen and attachable keyboard which is not the pro keyboard version as per the picture but I am contented with it still given the price that this was sold to me.

Tablet with wacom digitizer is awesome for making notes. I also own Surface Pro 3 and the NTrig digitizer still do not feel natural for writing and note taking.

Battery life is ok good but not excellent good probably due to thin chassis not able to have a bigger battery. Otherwise device is slim and convenient to carry around.

I will update as i talk this through with customer service.

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Other than those two things I like the large screen and operation of the computer.
As a forward to this review, I’m writing this review in lieu of a small slip of paper that fell out of the product box, stating I could receive a Steam gift card for writing a review. I see nothing wrong with writing an honest review, and I like free money, so here goes.

The microSD card slot is not protected with a cover and it is easy for the card to be ejected with normal use and handling. Also, I had a large SD card in the slot at first and it did not work. Check the max size prior to purchasing a microSD card for this computer or if SD card size is important to you.

The charging cord failed just before the USB-C connector. The USB cable is hardwired to the charger so you must replace the charger it the cable fails. Acer sent me a new charger under warranty but it seems this is an obvious fail point with a simple solution.

– Someone please explain why the 8750H needs 1.2V+ at 3.9ghz. The system runs just fine (better, in fact) with a Vcore offset of -0.165, resulting in a core voltage of 0.995V – 1V. Margin of error between cinebench scores at 3.9ghz with 1.2V versus 1.0V. In other words, it gets real hot real fast.
– Because it runs hot, it gets loud. Even on maximum fan speed, with the undervolts, it gets pretty toasty, wih CPU temps regularly reaching 80C while downclocking itself to 3.5ghz. A laptop cooling pad thing might help overall noise and temps, but since this thing arrived the day before I flew out, I didn’t get a chance to get to know this machine until after I’d arrived.
– Speaking of temps, the airflow pattern doesn’t help either. The intake fans are so far forwards and right under the exhausts, that the laptop has a nasty habit of sucking up the hot air it had just exhausted. If you have a desk fan that blows at you from behind the laptop, that just makes it worse. Again, forcing some more directional airflow helps. I made myself a card stock “spoiler” to block the direct path between exhaust and intake fans which has helped the temps just enough that it doesn’t thermal throttle while gaming anymore.
– Single channel memory; I understand NAND and DRAM are stupid expensive right now, and that it leaves room for upgrades, but somewhere deep in my heart, I was hoping for a dual channel factory set up with 2 extra open slots for upgrades. Props for it being 2666 and not 2400 (or god forbid, 2133) from the factory.
– Uneven keyboard backlighting; regardless of the backlight brightness, my tab and right shift are forever dimmer than the rest of the keyboard, something that becomes painfully obvious at night with a solid red backlight. Maybe those two have bad red diodes?
– Speaking of backlights, the power button is the only physical button on the entire laptop with no backlight. Come on.
– No control over Gigabyte logo lighting. Thankfully it isn’t stupid bright (Apple please), but it would be nice to have control over whether I want to bother people with the light up logo in a dark room. Or maybe, have the AERO on the inside of the lid light up with the Gigabyte logo.
– Camera location/quality; I think this point has been beaten to death. I don’t need it so it doesn’t matter to me.
– Stickers plastering the right palm rest area. When will manufacturers stop putting stickers all over their laptops? They catch my forearm in all the wrong ways and become irritating for extended typing, like the typing of this review. Not only that, they’re crooked! I would pull all these stickers off in a heartbeat if I weren’t paranoid over leaving factory for RMA/returns/warranty.
– The power brick gets stupid hot. I expect no less from a laptop that can handle Planetside 2 on maxed out (ini edited) graphics with a comfortably high framerate (40+) during a bio lab siege. I’m contemplating making a temporary cardboard stand to keep the power brick elevated for airflow, and I may make one out of sheet aluminum in the future.

The nvme runs at terrific speeds. Harddrive is pretty bland. In terms of speed, but there is intel rapid storage, so it kind of makes up for it.
Build quality is very good;.sturdy.

However, half the reason I got this laptop was for the IPS screen at 120hz. (other half was components).
The “IPS” screen is apparently TN panel, and is horrendous to look at, if you move an inch, you start to see alterations of the saturation at the sides. See the pictures. The effects are sepia at steep angles.

This is a device that you probably think won’t be powerful enough to make a good home theater PC. I can assure you that the Celeron inside this inexpensive NUC has power to spare.

I used this, an inexpensive and small SSD, a RAM chip, and a little power cord (not included) to build an HTPC using OpenElec 5.0.0. I am able to stream 30GB and larger 1080p MKV video files from my server with no problems. OpenElec needs to be configured correctly to avoid a stuttering problem with certain video CODECs but once that’s done the machine works flawlessly.

The box isn’t silent but it’s close enough to silent. I can hear a very faint air movement noise but once you’re a few feet away you can’t hear it.

Note: I also purchased a Turtle Beach USB sound card because my home theater systems lacks HDMI audio support.

Also, I can’t run 120hz from the desktop because of Nvidia Optimus which makes the computer automatically adjust when to use the dGPU. Which makes sense to save battery using iGPU, however, this is not something I knew beforehand and I count it as a con because i want to see my mouse move across the screen in 120hz.

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